About Matanzas Riverkeeper

The mission of the Matanzas Riverkeeper is to protect the health of the Guana, Tolomato, Matanzas watershed through advocacy, education, and community engagement. 

Matanzas Riverkeeper is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the health of the Guana, Tolomato, Matanzas watershed through advocacy, education, and community engagement. Our work includes everything from advocating for stronger water quality protections, to organizing waterway cleanups, to teaching children and adults how to be good stewards of our environment. Waterkeepers combine firsthand knowledge of their waterways with an unwavering commitment to the right to clean safe, water.

Matanzas Riverkeeper is a project of The Friends of the Matanzas, a non-profit organization that has been fighting to protect the Matanzas River since the early 90s. Since its inception, Friends of the Matanzas has spoken out against poorly planned developments that would harm the Matanzas River or its tributaries.


Matanzas Riverkeeper was founded by Neil Armingeon in 2013 to protect the fragile and beautiful Matanzas River. Neil served as the Matanzas Riverkeeper for four years until his retirement in December of 2017 when Jen Lomberk took the helm. Neil dedicated his entire career to acting as a voice for our imperiled natural resources. You can read more about Neil’s journey here.