The mission of Matanzas Riverkeeper is to protect the health of the Guana, Tolomato, Matanzas watershed through advocacy, education, and community engagement. 


Matanzas Riverkeeper focuses on grassroots community organization and advocacy to develop policies and programs that will help protect the Matanzas River and its tributaries. Part of our mission is to keep members of our community informed about the current state of the river and the activities that will affect it. The Matanzas Riverkeeper participates in the public policy decision-making process to represent the interests of the river, our members, and the public and works to ensure that our environmental laws and regulations are implemented and enforced.


Matanzas Riverkeeper is committed to educating the public about the ecological, economic, cultural, and historic value of the Matanzas River and its tributaries. Our watershed is home to several scientific and educational organizations doing research and collecting data within our watershed. The Matanzas Riverkeeper will use this data to act as a voice for our water. 


Community Engagement

We believe that in order to preserve the Matanzas and its watershed, we need to ensure that our community is aware of what incredible natural resources we have in our area. To that end, our mission prioritizes opportunities for members of our community to get out and enjoy the water. Additionally, Matanzas Riverkeeper works collaboratively with citizens, local organizations and government agencies so that together we can keep the Matanzas clean, safe, and beautiful.

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