Consider yourself lucky if you live in the Guana, Tolomato, Matanzas watershed. What’s not to love? You can surf the inlet, hang out at the pier, kayak the marsh, fish the river, catch a sunset from the fort, and maybe even see dolphins on your way to work or school. Compared to many places in the state, our local waterways are in relatively good condition, but it is important that we understand the threats and issues that our watershed is currently facing in order to preserve the biological, recreational, and cultural treasures contained within. 

Matanzas Riverkeeper has launched a suite of environmental education kits each focused on a particular issue that affects our watershed. Each kit contains three sections:

  • EXPLORE: Investigate issues relevant to the Matanzas Watershed
  • ACT: Complete a project based on what you learn
  • ADVOCATE: Share your knowledge and experience with decision makers

Birds are cool and they are in serious trouble. It’s time to help our feathered friends. This MRK Quick Kit explores the incredible birds of the Matanzas watershed and the threats that harm them. St Johns County is a birding hotspot – so get outside and get birding! Explore the activity guide for ideas on how you can make a positive impact using social media, art, construction, and more. Write a quick email to your state and local leaders to help them protect our local and migratory birds. Have fun, win prizes, and PROTECT WHAT YOU LOVE.


Get your hands dirty and tackle the plastic problems that threaten the Matanzas watershed.  This MRK Quick Kit digs into microplastics, bioplastics, recycling, and marine debris. Activity ideas and a cleanup checklist will help you pummel plastic based on your personal interests and creativity. Take your actions to the next level by writing a quick email to state and local lawmakers to enact laws to clean things up.  Have fun, win prizes, and PROTECT WHAT YOU LOVE. 


Matanzas Riverkeeper's environmental education program is supported by a grant from the Delores Barr Weaver Legacy Fund.