Matanzas Riverkeeper and Florida Atlantic University’s Institute for Sensing and Embedded Network Systems Engineering (I-SENSE) have collaborated to provide local stakeholders with a new monitoring station located at the Matanzas Riverkeeper office.

This new monitoring station measures the current water level of the Matanzas River and provides auxiliary meteorological data every five minutes in real time to In addition to the water level, meteorological data collected at this station includes barometric pressure, winds (speed and direction), air temperature, relative humidity, rainfall and hail (accumulation, duration, and intensity), and solar radiation.

"I-SENSE is the lead technology provider for the South East Atlantic Econet, a large regional network of weather monitoring stations managed in cooperation with Coastal Carolina University. The volumes of data collected are used by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s weather modeling systems to increase the accuracy of its weather forecasting systems along the Atlantic coast." (

Providing real-time data on the current conditions of the Matanzas River will produce invaluable insight into the resiliency of our coast, keeping stakeholders well-informed of potential threats local coastal communities experience, including extreme natural events such as tropical cyclones and long-term threats such as sea-level rise.