At the beginning of this year, First Lady Casey DeSantis made a powerful statement: “We feel an obligation as parents and we feel we should work on behalf of all the parents of this great state to make sure their children have a clean environment and clean water to grow up on."

We, the Moms for Clean Water, applaud the DeSantis’ commitment to restoring and protecting our state’s waters, but it is clear that our legislature does not share that commitment. This legislative session failed to yield any meaningful protections to our water.

Moms for Clean Water represents mothers around the state of Florida calling for meaningful protection for ALL of our water resources. We believe that our water should be clean and safe enough for our children to fish in, swim in, and drink from.


Protect ALL Florida Waters

Too often we see priority given to water resources in specific geographic or socioeconomic regions of the state while others are neglected. In Florida, all of our waterways are connected. To pollute one is to pollute them all. We urge comprehensive protections for ALL of our state’s waters.

Stop Pollution at the Source

The old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is especially true when it comes to protecting our waterways. It makes so much more sense to keep pollution out of our waterways than spending the time, energy, and money to try to clean it up after it has become polluted. We support policies that keep toxic pollution OUT of our waterways, rather than attempting to clean it up after the fact.

Protect Our Land, Protect Our Water

One of the best ways to protect our waterways is to protect the land around it. Conservation land provides a variety of ecosystem services including water purification, resiliency, and habitat protection. Land that is conserved in its natural state supports vegetation that is extremely effective at removing nutrients and other pollutants from stormwater and keeping them out of our waterways. We are calling for increased funding to acquire conservation land to protect our water resources.

If you share our commitment to clean water, please consider writing a letter to First Lady Casey DeSantis to share your story about how you and your children connect with Florida’s waters and call on her to ensure meaningful protection for ALL of our state’s waters.