From the Friends of Fish Island

September 28, 2020


Dear Mayor, Vice Mayor, and Commissioners,

The Friends of Fish Island are pleased to see the progress being made towards the opening of Fish Island for our community, the state and the many visitors to our area. We stand in full support of the City’s acceptance of the Lease Agreement for Fish Island and the City Resolution (2020-XX) to maintain faithful stewardship in the protection of Fish Island for all generations.

We commend JB Miller and other City staff for their continued outreach to the community. Mr. Miller’s exceptional talents and work ethic has made extraordinary contributions to the detailed management plan. We further commend the City for its resolve to vigorously seek ongoing public input and to maintain an active dialogue with all community partners and citizens, going forward in the faithful stewardship of Fish Island.

Friends of Fish Island continue our support as partners in Fish Island’s preservation and we pledge to continue to work with the City to make this park a reality and one we can all be extremely proud.

However, as the recipients of the 2020 Florida Archeological Council’s Stewards of Heritage Award for our grassroots efforts in preserving Fish Island, its history, archeological and environmental resources, we must voice our opposition to a large and unthinkable car wash proposed to be built next door to Fish Island.

Thousands of our fellow citizens also agree and have signed a petition strongly opposing the construction of a car wash next to this historic conservation preserve which is archaeologically significant and ecologically fragile. A car wash is incompatible and in direct opposition to the intent of the terms of both the lease agreement and the City’s Resolution to maintain good stewardship of Fish Island and to protect it for future generations.

Finally, we would like to thank each of you for your ongoing efforts to support and protect Fish Island. Friends of Fish Island are looking forward to the end of the year when Fish Island is open for our community to visit and enjoy its natural beauty and solitude.

With Sincere Appreciation,

The Friends of Fish Island

[email protected]

CC:  Division of State Lands